sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

Teaching subjects in English

The course I will have to design is content based learning, which deals with teaching subjects in English to EFL learners. HOw does this work out in our educational setting? We know that bilingual schools in our country believe that teaching History, Science, Math, Biology, etc., etc., etc., in English makes them be called bilingual, but let´s think how much these kids really learn about the content subject. They usually study in ESL textbooks and it´s commonly noticed how frustrating reading in these books becomes to the students. It´s very difficult for them to completely understand what´s going on. Then, here is when teachers need to know about scaffolding techniques to support these learners. I really love to teach this module; I enjoy sharing with the teachers what I have read about the SIOP model, which is perfectly suitable for our schools and students. I´ll be posting more about this !!

2 comentarios:

  1. You know what would be challenging miss? To adpat the SIOP model using web 2.0 tools. If teachers are creative when planning on paper, with online tools they will be even better!. Once you teach your content through these tools, they would want to do the same in their classes. I'm sure that when they have to present their classes in the TEFL course, it wil be mind-boggling. :)

  2. Yeah Margarita, I am really looking forward to teaching this course. Imagine creating graphic organizers, pictures, webs, etc. for our students. I think these tools will be great for content learning.